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Buy and Sell Gold


For years many of you in the Peachtree City area have trusted Mucklow’s Fine Jewelry to provide fine quality jewelry, as well as, all of the extra services that have helped to make us the jeweler of choice for the Peachtree City area.


So it only seems natural that we would accommodate our customer’s growing need for a safe, secure way to exchange gold and platinum for money.

While we are pleased to provide this service, we also understand that our reputation is vital to our success.


Even so, we have received many questions from those who are hesitant to do so because they are unfamiliar with the gold-selling process.


Take a look at the information below to find out what you can expect when you sell your gold to a reputable jeweler.



When you bring pieces of gold to us, the first step is the evaluation. During the evaluation, we will visually examine the gold item to determine what the gold itself is worth.

The gold will also be weighed and its purity evaluated to determine the karats of each piece.  Diamonds and other precious gems will be evaluated for value at this time as well.



After examining the piece that you have brought for appraisal, we will provide an offer price. This price is based on several factors that are determined in the appraisal phase.

You will have the opportunity to accept or refuse the offer.



We will provide a company check payable to you, or offer you in-store credit

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