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Fine Jewelry

Mucklow's Fine Jewelry began as a labor of love for its founder, Robert Mucklow. He took great care to design a unique experience for every client. Creating a vibrant history steeped in innovative, captivating jewelry design and service to the community, Mucklow's Fine Jewelry is an escape from the mundane where every touchpoint reaffirms and strengthens the other. The captivating décor and showcase of skilled artisans create a visual experience enhanced by jewelry offerings from select designers.


Genuine customer service and attention to detail by our expert, the talented team guides clients every step of the way. These details and our dedicated team have built Mucklow's Fine Jewelry legacy for over 25 years. Upon his retirement, Robert Mucklow trusted David Murray to steward this legacy. For David, owning Mucklow's Fine Jewelry is a dream come true. 


 Our Owner
David Murray

David Murray has lived in Fayette County for 21 years with his wonderful wife, 6 children, and 13 grandchildren. David entered the watchmaking business in 1987.


Following 20 years in the wholesale watch business, David opened King’s Watch and Jewelry Repair in 2011, which continues today to serve clients with excellence. He has built, serviced, and repaired watches and jewelry for 30 years. People come to David for his expertise, but they always return because of his extraordinary service and integrity.


David values treating family heirlooms with the utmost care and treating clients with honesty and honor. For over 14 years,  David Murray also served as the watchmaker for Mucklow's Fine Jewelry. During that time he and Robert Mucklow enjoyed a working relationship with mutual respect for one another’s excellent craftsmanship, work ethic, and values for treating all team members and clients like family.

Ongoing Legacy

Robert knew he could trust David to carry on the Mucklow's Fine Jewelry legacy and to care for its family of team members and clients. At the beginning of March 2021, Robert Mucklow passed the baton of ownership of Mucklow's Fine Jewelry to David Murray. 


David shares, “My dream came alive again and God dropped the opportunity to pursue it right in my lap! And now, here I am, furthering a dream hidden in my heart because a friend challenged me to go after it, and right when I thought there was no way possible, God answered.” Murray’s ownership of Mucklow's Fine Jewelry is clearly meant to be.

Ongoing Legacy


Everything you’ve grown to love and appreciate about Mucklow's Fine Jewelry continues on, including our steadfast team. We will continue to enhance our connections in the community, and our belief in family traditions, authenticity, relationships, excellent service, and craftsmanship. David passionately stewards and builds upon the  Mucklow's Fine Jewelry legacy of authentic, genuine service and providing jewelry that celebrates life’s most special moments.

Feel free to contact the owner David Murray at

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